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Externally clocking (and overclocking) AVR MCUs

People familiar with AVR boards such as Arduinos likely know most AVR MCUs can be clocked from an external crystal connected to 2 of the pins.  When the AVR does not need to run at a precise clock frequency, it is also common to clock them from the internal 8Mhz oscillator.  Before CPUs were made with internal oscillators or inverting amplifiers for external crystals, they were clocked by an external circui ...

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Analog Devices’ Programmable Clock Generators Simplify System Design and Reduce Clocking Component Count : ADI’s AD9520/2 multi-output clock generators deliver a high-quality clock signal and flexible outputs, while on-chip memory reduces system start-up programming requirements.

NORWOOD, Mass. (PRWEB) September 29, 2008 "Outstanding jitter performance was the primary reason TruePosition chose the AD9520 for use in our third-generation wireless location measurement unit," said Alan Larrabee, vice president of research and development for TruePosition. "The AD9520 has a versatile multiple output architecture, integrated PLL, and on chip EEPROM, which provide an elegant solution for s ...

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