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Howto Measure RTD over long distances

1. Introduction The RTDs are the most expensive, but they also provide best accuracy and best resolution for the measurement. This, however, only if appropriate analogue circuitry will be used (which of course will add cost to the already high price of the sensor itself). The appropriate analogue circuitry constitutes the subject of this article. RTDs are regarded as the best quality temperature sensors (wh ...

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UT204 is able to measure DC current and also True RMS

UT203 provides a lot of user comfort and a very pleasant feature - measuring of a DC current without interrupting a measured circuit. However UT204 is different from its “weaker” brother in one essential thing - it enable measuring of a true RMS value of alternating signals (TRMS). As we know, usual multimeters usually deploy a simple rectifier and an RC cell and they´re calibrated to show an effective valu ...

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How to Driving and Measure a Thermocouple

Thermocouples are a great way to take accurate temperature measurements in hard to reach places or in very rugged environments.  Using one can be tricky if your new to the device. This circuit has two parts the thermocouple needs to be driven by a device and then an amplifier can be used to amplify and offset the voltage into a signal that can be useful. In this circuit the output of the amplifier Vout = 10 ...

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