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Building A Quadcopter For Newbie

Drones are one of the rising technologies in the world and it became very popular that we see it in news on places that have armed conflicts, aerial photography like GoPro drones and even for customer care like the Prime Air delivery system from Amazon which is designed to get packages to customers using small unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones). As the name implies, the quadcopter has four propellers and ...

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Zener Diodes In Theory and Practice

David Jones made a tutorial on the fundamentals of zener diodes over his EEVblog youtube channel. David started the tutorial comparing between zener and regular diode. Both have the same characteristics and same I-V chart, but zener is designed to work in the negative voltage region.”In theory” the regular diode can work in the negative voltage region, but the breakdown voltage, Vb the minimum reverse volta ...

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AVR Programming – a Step by Step Tutorial

Introduction This is a complete AVR Tutorial, including avr programming in a very basic & organized way, We will go through by following items. What is an AVR? Using Mac and Windows How AVR programming works Choosing a programmer, to burn the code. Using AVRDUDE Prerequisites This set of notes does have some prerequisites. It requires two important sets of knowledge: You must know how to use the command ...

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Microscan to Instruct Machine Vision Tutorial for Lab Automation at SLAS 2012

Renton, WA (PRWEB) January 24, 2012 Microscan, the global technology leader in barcode and machine vision solutions for life sciences, will conduct an educational machine vision workshop at the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation & Screening (SLAS) Annual Conference and Exhibition, scheduled to take place February 4-8, 2012 in San Diego, CA. The presentation will be held in Room 9 of the San Dieg ...

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Embedded Microcontroller Technology Use Warrants A Good Microcontroller Tutorial

It wouldn't come as a surprise that most of the modern technologies and peripheral systems work with embedded software. Majority of such embedded application make use of the microcontroller, thus signifying the importance of the c programming for embedded microcontrollers.   It seems that the newer equipments and technologies cannot progress further or undergo innovations without the presence of embedded mi ...

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