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Video Accessories Roundup

Buying a nice display is only the beginning of creating a home theater — you’ve got to buy something to pump in the movies and television programs. Get the right video accessories and source equipment for that new HDTV and surround sound system, and you’ll be ready to start enjoying your home theater.

From VCRs to Blu-ray players, we’ll teach you all about the technology behind various video accessories so that you can make the right choice for your home theater set up.

How DVDs Work

Wonder why DVDs have become the movie medium of choice? These incredible discs have at least seven times the storage capacity of CDs — that’s why DVD movies can fit in all those “extras,” like deleted scenes, multiple formats and directors’ commentary. Find out how DVDs are configured to hold all that data.

Find out How DVDs Work.

How DVRs Work

Digital video recorders like TiVo may be the future of television — set your own TV lineup, record everything at once and skip the ads. And if you’ve heard the DVR catchphrase — “Pause live TV!” — you may be wondering just how such a feat is accomplished. Learn all about digital video recorders.

Learn How DVRs Work.

How VCRs Work

The VCR is one of those devices that seem simple for the outside — but what’s going on behind the scenes is amazing. How can six hours of video fit on a $2 tape? What happens after you slide that tape into the slot? The VCR may be on the way out, but it’s still a mechanical marvel. Take a look inside!

Learn How VCRs Work.

How HVD Works

Holographic memory systems offer more storage capacity and faster transfer rates than CDs and DVDs, but they’ve also been too expensive and complex to mass produce. Learn how the holographic versatile disc (HVD) has improved upon previous methods of holographic storage.

Find out How HVD Works.


For more detail:  Video Accessories Roundup

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