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Worry-Free Automatic Timed Plant Feeder


Do you often forget to irrigate your plants? Do you have to ask your neighbors to take care of them when your whole families are out for a vacation? Don’t worry any more! Here is a solution. This embedded system, worry-free automatic timed plant feeder, can do all the services for you. It can:

  • regularly feed water to your plants for a specified amount of water;
  • and also be used as an alarm clock.

You can set your desired feed pattern, and change all options at any time. It is easy, low-cost, and safe. It makes your worry free while you still enjoy your plants.


The following diagram shows the system schematic.Schematic Worry-Free Automatic Timed Plant FeederIt contains the several major blocks:

  • ATmega 323 is the CPU of the system.
  • 5 VDC power supplier: an adaptor first transforms 110 VAC 60 Hz into 9 VDC; then a regulator keeps VCC stable at 5 VDC.
  • A crystal of 32KHz is used to provide a real-time clock.
  • A crystal of 8MHz is for the CPU frequency.
  • A block of circuit is built for programming so that the executable code can be downloaded from a computer to the system via a serial RS-232 port.
  • A LCD is used to display the time and system states.
  • A speaker is used for alarming and making sounds.
  • Push buttons allow a user to change the system states.
  • A relay is used to control the AC of the water pump with a DC signal from the processor.
  • A block of circuit is used to protect the processor since a high voltage introduced from the relay can damage the processor.

Some key blocks will be explained in detail later on.


The water pump was on-line purchased from Pump World. Most of other electric components were bought from HSC. The project has been hard-wired on a PC board from Jameco, and fits nicely in a plastic box from TAP Plastics. The whole system has been fully tested and works successfully. Here is how the system looks like:Worry Free Automatic Timed Plant Feeder

For more detail: Worry-Free Automatic Timed Plant Feeder

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