5th Annual Vierling Autumn Fair

Ebermannstadt, Germany (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

Vierlings 5th annual Autumn Fair will take place from September 20-22, 2006 at Schloss Atzelsberg near Erlangen, Germany and at the companys headquarters in Ebermannstadt, Germany. This will include a special celebration of Vierlings 65th anniversary. On September 20-21 at Schloss Atzelsberg, Vierlings Mobile Communication Division will be presenting new GSM gateways that companies can use to significantly reduce telecommunications expenditures. Concurrently, Vierling Measurement Solutions will present some new solutions for applications in the areas of line and quality testing for telephone and data networks. On September 22, the Autumn Fair will move to nearby Ebermannstadt. There, the focus will be on development and manufacturing services available from the Vierling Production Division for high-performance electronics. The company celebration of Vierlings 65th anniversary will follow the same afternoon.

Reducing telecommunications costs with GSM gateways

Vierling Mobile Communication will be presenting new GSM gateways with applications that can complement existing PBXs. GSM gateways have built-in mobile radio modules, their own GSM antennas, VoIP interfaces and integrated ISDN call-by-call solutions. Gateways offer a reliable way to reduce telephone expenditures. Our product managers will present our current gateway solutions along with their extended applications in detail, noted Werner Vierling, managing director and company owner. We are again expecting guests from across the globe, including countries such as Australia, Great Britain, Poland, Russia and the United States.

Quality assurance for DSL and IP-based services

For the Measurement Solutions Division, the focus of the Autumn Fair will be on quality assessment amd assurance for broadband Internet access technology (DSL) and IP-based services such as voice over IP (VoIP) and Internet television (IPTV). Speakers representing Deutsche Telekom, alternative carriers, consulting firms, infrastructure providers and various associations will report on topics relating to the market, technology and regulatory issues, added Werner Vierling. In only five years, our Autumn Fair has established itself as a meeting place for German carriers and telecommunications suppliers to discuss new trends and keep in touch with their colleagues.

Electronics production and company anniversary celebration

Vierling Production is the Vierling Groups third division. On September 22, it will present services related to development and manufacture of high-quality electronics. Speakers from Vierling and various partner companies will report on modern production technologies, current projects and advanced techniques for quality assurance. Company tours will be available concurrently. Festivities will begin in the afternoon as guests from Germany and across the globe celebrate the companys 65th anniversary. Vierling was founded in 1941 by Prof. Dr. Oskar Vierling.

Registration and additional information

Industry guests and journalists can register for the Vierling Autumn Fair by telephone (+49-(0)9194 / 97 – 305), e-mail or the Internet (http://www.vierling.de/herbstmesse). A detailed program for the Autumn Fair is also available on the Internet.

About Vierling

The Vierling Group is based in Ebermannstadt, Germany near Nuremberg and offers customized communications equipment, test equipment and electronic manufacturing services (EMS). Vierling Communications GmbH has a product line that includes GSM, CDMA and UMTS gateways to enable efficient interconnectivity between mobile radio, VoIP and fixed networks as well as stationary and portable test and measurement solutions for telephone, DSL and broadband networks and IP-based services. Vierling Production GmbH develops and manufactures electronic equipment ranging from individual printed circuit boards to complex electronic systems for companies in diverse industries. Vierling Systems GmbH is based in Berlin and provides installation and support services related to telecommunications solutions from different manufacturers. The Vierling Group has two independent subsidiaries: Vierling Communication SAS based in Plaisir, France near Paris and Vierling North America Inc. based in Tarrytown, New York (USA). The Vierling Group is represented by sales partners in more than 40 countries. It has more than 200 employees and generates annual sales of about 30 million Euros.

For additional information, please visit http://www.vierling-group.com.

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