A Redefined Productivity Model & Socio-Economic Development Oriented Management Decisions : An Algebraic Model.

(PRWEB) December 29, 2003

A Redefined Productivity Model & Socio-Economic Development Oriented Management Decisions.


Author : Dr.VSR.Subramaniam.MBA.,Ph.D.,D.Litt.,


URL : http://www.drvsrs.com/concepts.htm


01. Till now, Management Decision and their optimisation are constrained to the area of Commercial and Technical fields.


02. This paper opens up the span of Management Decision to a vast and important area namely


“Socio-Economic Development” not thought of, so far.


03. The effect of Intangible (un-quantifiable) components are added and integrated as part of constraints to the Decision Methodology.


04. Also the concept of Productivity is currently restricted to the Quantum ratios of Output and Input.


05. This paper expands the definition of Productivity to a critical area namely “Socio-Economic Development”, not extended so

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