Analog Devices Introduces High-Performance Analog Front End for 900 MHz Band RF Applications : The single-chip ADF9010 combines a leading edge I/Q modulator with a low noise synthesizer, including on-chip VCO, without compromising the performance of individual RF blocks; significantly lowers system costs and greatly reduces time-to-market

NORWOOD, Mass. (PRWEB) June 16, 2008

Analog Devices will showcase the ADF9010 this week at the 2008 International Microwave Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia (Booth #1743), together with other innovations from ADI’s broad RF portfolio including PLL and DDS synthesizers, clocks and timing ICs, RF amplifiers, demodulators, RF detectors and more.


More about the ADF9010 Analog RF Front End


The ADF9010 operates in the 840-MHz to 960-MHz frequency range, a level of performance few other parts on the market today can deliver in such a highly integrated form factor. The receive path consists of a fully differential I/Q baseband programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and programmable low-pass filter (LPF). The Rx LPF gain is programmable from 3 dB to 24 dB in 3-dB steps. The Rx LPF features four programmable modes, with auto-calibrated cutoff frequencies of 330 kHz, 880 kHz and 2 MHz. The filter can be bypassed if necessary.


In addition, the ADF9010 has a high performance integer-N PLL with fully integrated, low noise VCO, achieving LO phase noise of 140 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset. This LO output signal is also available to drive an external RF demodulator, such as Analog Devices’ ADL5382.


The transmit path consists of a fully integrated differential Tx direct I/Q upconverter, which converts a baseband I/Q signal to an RF carrier-based signal between 840 MHz and 960 MHz. The VCO runs at four times the LO frequency, and the excellent quadrature, achieved via the subsequent divide-by-4 stage, provides >45 dB sideband suppression. The transmit path delivers OIP3 of 24 dBm, output P1 dB of +10 dBm and output noise floor at 158 dBm/Hz.


Control of all of the on-chip registers on the ADF9010 is achieved via a simple 3-wire serial interface. The device consumes 240 mA from a 3.3-V power supply and can be powered down when not in use.


Availability and Pricing


The ADF9010 analog RF front end is available now and comes in a 7 mm

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