CaseBank Technologies Engages Balanced Enterprise Solutions (BES) to Extend Reach into U.S. Military and Defense Segment

Mississauga, ON (PRWEB) October 31, 2011

CaseBank Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise solutions that improve mission-readiness and first-time-fix rates of complex equipment and systems used in military and defense, today announced that it has engaged Balanced Enterprise Solutions (BES) to deepen and extend its reach into the United States Air Force.

We are pleased to be working with CaseBank Technologies in making their SpotLight solution more readily available to the US Air Force, stated Don Mulder, Managing Partner of BES. Since its launch in 1999, SpotLight has grown into the defacto solution for improving the availability of mission-critical equipment while also capturing, preserving and growing technical troubleshooting knowledge from the field.

SpotLight is renowned for its ability to improve the first-time-fix rates of modern military aircraft and vehicles, as well as other complex equipment and systems, during unplanned maintenance. It is a revolutionary software application that puts global experience at every technicians fingertips, delivering precise, guided diagnostics during the troubleshooting process.

SpotLight utilizes a unique and patented form of hybrid reasoning that mimics the differential diagnosis approach used by experts, like doctors, to rapidly isolate the root cause of a problem and move quickly to a successful solution, said Tony OHara, CEO of CaseBank. Our military and defense customers have experienced tremendous success with SpotLight to date and we are excited by the prospect of enhancing that success and driving additional growth in this sector, guided by the military expertise of BES and, in particular, its highly experienced founders.

Numerous aircraft and engine OEMS, as well as fleet operators, have now adopted SpotLight to drive their first time fix rates. Most notably, Lockheed-Martin has embedded SpotLight in their Anomaly and Fault Resolution System (AFRS) for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft program.


Since 2005, BES has been providing consulting and technical services to companies seeking to meet their performance goals in numerous market segments, including military and defense. Founded by partners Bill Neely and Don Mulder, both retired USAF officers with over 20 years of experience in the military, BES leverages its deep military expertise and experience to help customers extend their reach in dealing with unique Department of Defense requirements.

In addition to its headquarters in Holland, MI, BES has seasoned, multifunctional teams with US and international experience strategically located at both Warner Robins Air Logistics Center and Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.

To-date, BES has utilized its vast experienceranging from executive level to the shop floorin assisting companies with fostering their growth in many industries, including aerospace, defense, steel, power-generation and more.

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CaseBank is the leading provider of enterprise solutions that improve first-time-fix rates in the maintenance of complex equipment used in numerous industries, including commercial and military aerospace, transportation, power generation and distribution, petro-chemical and continuous process industries, and heavy equipment.

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