Audio amplifier board supports Beken BK3266 Bluetooth 5.0 chip

IC station has posted a $10.59 audio amplifier board that supports Bluetooth 5.0 via Beken BK3266 Bluetooth audio chip. For the board to work, you will have to connect buttons. A microphone and 10W or 15W speakers. The hardware setup has to be completed with a power source and an optional input audio signal. After setting it up, the board is ready to be paired with a Bluetooth device. A USB can be connected to the TTL debug board to configure the board over UART.


Audio amplifier board supports Beken BK3266 Bluetooth 5.0 chip

The board is suitable for a wide range of uses, like a DIY speaker, voice intelligent control, Bluetooth signal conversion, stereo Bluetooth speaker or headset, Bluetooth hands-free calling, Bluetooth control, to mention a few. The “Bluetooth 5 enables serial port interface to change name and password, a button to turn off or boot, serial port interface to change the tone volume, support call off, power on, maximum volume”, which don’t seem specifically related to BT 5.0. Version 5.0 supports a longer range of about 10m and this does not utilize its long-range feature. According to Bluetooth 5 specifications. Bluetooth 5 has the capability to carry out periodic data to be broadcasted. Enabling chain packets and deterministic advertising.

This enables the scanners to function together and for each packet to contain different synchronization to scan for packets with the subset of the whole data set and schedule of the advertising device. This feature gives room for a more power-efficient way to perform scanning and might create room for new applications of Bluetooth LE in connection-less scenarios, such as audio applications. The advertising extensions feature is laying the groundwork for next-generation beacons, advanced audio applications, to mention just a few.

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