Bomar's New SMB Interface for Board-To-Board Applicaions

Ledgewood, NJ (PRWEB) July 30, 2005

Announced today by Bomar Interconnect Products Inc., a premier manufacturer and designer of quality connectors and accessories for RF, video and broadcast transmission, is the addition of a SMB interconnect to their proprietary Eliminator(TM) Series. The coaxial Series, which already consists of a family of F connectors, is expressly engineered to eliminate the need for extra cable assemblies and PCB connectors traditionally required to mate box-type, or modular integrated components to boards. Manufacturers need only connect an Eliminator directly to an electronic device, and drop it onto the PCB. In addition to significantly reducing installation time, the subminiature SMB Eliminator promotes board space conservation along with circuit miniaturization. The interconnect is available in 50- and 75-ohm impedance, and provides broadband performance with extremely low reflection DC through 4 GHz.

Bomar’s newest right-angle interface is ideally suited for employment in multi-board applications in which digital to RF conversion is required. As such, it may be confidently specified for use on PCBs in a broad range of military, industrial, consumer, and medical equipment.

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