Swiss Give UK Rail Safety Systems Partner Double Endorsement

(PRWEB) July 29, 2005

Technical and commercial partnerships between, UK rail safety systems supplier Rowe Hankins Components and leading Swiss engineering companies, Sécheron and HaslerRail have been strengthened following recent meetings. Rowe Hankins continues to be the UK representative and technical centre for supply and service of circuit breakers, contactors, DC substations and OTMR’s from the Swiss engineering manufacturers.

During their visit to the UK, Gilbert Lile, marketing manager for Sécheron and Charles Mosimann product manager for HaslerRail, explained the recent de-merger of the two companies and were able to tour the Rowe Hankins factory. They were impressed by the heavy investment that has been made in high current DC test equipment, the traceability software in use to track every piece of switchgear in use in the UK and the amount of stock held.

“The meeting affirmed that the recent de-merger of the electronics, tachometry and software operation from the electro mechanical business will not affect our ability to meet the needs of UK customers,” explained Rowe Hankins managing director, Toni Hankins. “Indeed, two companies, each specializing on a particular technology and addressing the needs of different branches of the industry, will allow our customers to benefit from greater focus, investment in research, new product development and support.”

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