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(PRWEB) November 19, 2004

CML Microcircuits is pleased to announce the introduction of the CMX8110 – A highly integrated Baseband and Signalling Processor IC, with on-chip RF synthesis. The CMX8110 is designed for the growing leisure radio market, covering all FRS, GMRS, MURS, PMR446, GPS data transport and text messaging applications. The CMX8110 is also suitable for radio packet-data modems, wireless gaming radios, base stations and repeaters.

Under the control of the host microcontroller, all voiceband requirements are catered for: voiceband and sub-audio filtering, pre/de-emphasis, compression and expansion, audio routing and global level setting, offering single or two-point modulation in the transmit path and a separately controllable RF synthesizer for external system operations and overall component-count reduction.

The combination of new and standard signalling functions of this product offer, under software control, increased functionality, versatility and communication privacy. Standard Extended-Code CTCSS and DCS functions are integrated with the new XTCSS code implementation. XTCSS provides additional and improved squelch-centered privacy codes with the added advantage of ‘silent operation’; no annoying interference from other sub-audio users. XTCSS fitted radios can now enjoy more privacy along with flexibility of operation and over-air configuration.

For advanced radio operation, the CMX8110 provides a 1200/2400 b/s free-format and packet-data FFSK/MSK modem. This can be used for text messaging, paging, passing GPS co-ordinates (NMEA 0183 compatible) and other data-centric applications. The on-chip digital phase locked loop can be used to supply the host microcontroller or other auxiliary clocks. To cater for auxiliary/system monitoring and control functions. The CMX8110 offers 2-input analogue to digital converters and two digital to analogue converters.

As an ultra-low-power IC with dynamic powersave functions, the CMX8110 requires a smaller, reduced power microcontroller compared to other FRS/PMR446 solutions. The unit is available in compact LQFP and VQFN packages.

For further information please contact Mark Channen at CML Microcircuits.


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