Low-Cost, High-Quality Marine AIS Arrives

(PRWEB) November 19, 2004

CML Microcircuits is pleased to announce the introduction of the CMX910 – A highly integrated Baseband Signalling Processor IC, for class A and class B marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) applications. The CMX910 reduces component count, minimises board size and operates at an ultra-low voltage.

Half duplex in operation, the CMX910 comprises two parallel I and Q Rx paths, and one Tx path, all configurable for AIS or FSK (DSC) operation. The device performs channel filtering and signal modulation/demodulation, along with associated AIS functions such as training sequence detection, NRZI conversion and HDLC processing (flags, bit stuffing/de-stuffing, CRC generation/checking and slot-timing).

The 1200bps FSK demodulator interface provides the third parallel decode path, using an external FSK modem, required by the AIS class A market. Integrated Rx/Tx data buffers and a slot/sample timer are also provided, all of which greatly reduces the processing requirements of the host micro-controller. The thoughtful provision of a C-BUS controlled interface expansion port, device enabled ports and versatile auxiliary ADCs and DACs, further simplify system hardware design, reducing the overall end-equipment cost and size.

The two main receive channels support simultaneous reception of two AIS (GMSK I and Q) channels or one AIS and one FSK (1200baud DSC). Additionally a supplementary FSK-only (FX/MX604) receiver can be supported via an external FSK demodulator interfaced to the CMX910. The CMX910 is also capable of transmitting on either AIS channel (GMSK – 9,600bps) or FSK (1200bd) on the DSC channel, as required.

As an ultra-low-power IC, many of the CMX910’s on-chip functions can be powersaved when not actively required. This innovative feature even allows inter-slot powersaving to the Rx and/or Tx channels when not required in the operating cycle.

The CMX910 is designed to work with any AIS system, providing all the required baseband processing, control and data formatting/unformatting.

For further information please contact Mark Channen at CML Microcircuits UK Ltd.


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