Consumer Electronics Leads the Worldwide Market for Power Supply and Power Management Integrated Circuits

Natick, MA (PRWEB) August 30, 2006

Consumer electronics is the largest worldwide market for power supply and power management ICs (PSICs), according to a recently released study by Venture Development Corporation, with the assistance of CMP Media.


Consumer electronics is forecast to increase at the second highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2010, at 16.1%, being surpassed only by a much smaller medical applications segment at 17.0%.


Current and Forecast Worldwide Shipment Shares of Power Supply


and Power Management ICs for Consumer Electronics


(Percentages of US Dollar Volumes)


2005 Total: $ US 9.0 Billion


Consumer Electronics: 26.40%


Other: 73.60%


Forecast 2010 Total: $ US 16.7 Billion


Consumer Electronics: 30.10%


Other: 69.90%


Rapid innovation in the consumer electronics market is leading to fast paced growth with many new products constantly hitting the market, says Jim Taylor, Project Director of VDCs power supplies and power management ICs reports. Particularly important is the market growth for portable devices, and as consumers seek products that will be smaller, lighter, longer lasting and with more features. Power supply and power management IC devices such as mobile phones, handsets, mp3 players, GPS units, etc. require to operate.


In addition to new applications being developed, there is increasing government and consumer demand for more efficient power supplies in products which already utilize PSICs as energy costs increase. Newer PSICs are the linchpin in providing highly efficient power supplies, so as energy costs increase the demand for PSICs will expand.


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Venture Development Corporation (VDC) is an independent technology market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in a number of power, component, embedded, industrial, and defense markets. VDC has been operating since 1971, when the firm was founded by graduates of the Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, we employ a talented collection of analysts and consultants who offer a rare combination of expertise in the market research process; experience in technology product and program management; and formal training in engineering and marketing. VDCs clients include thousands of the largest and fastest-growing tech suppliers in the world and the most successful investors participating in the markets we cover.


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