Hankscraft Offers World-Class Quality Custom Designed Printed Circuit Boards

Reedsburg, WI (PRWEB) August 30, 2006

We are confident at Hankscraft that we can offer you world-class quality custom designed PCBs at the most economical price and with the fastest turnaround time. With Hankscrafts Global Manufacturing Group you get an EMS provider dedicated to providing better manufacturing ability and collaboration.


You can rely on Hankscrafts global infrastructure and technical know how, to bridge the gap in the global market place between your company and offshore cost reductions. With our off shore manufacturing facilities, we can provide high quality, low cost printed circuit boards, thus increasing your revenue.


You are assured of support in every aspect of your interaction with our team. Our dedication to quality and on-time delivery is the result of a highly qualified staff operating under strict ISO procedures to deliver maximum value to our customers.


If your project requires a PCB, then your requirements can be met with surface mount, singe side, double side or hand printed circuit boards. Our electronic expertise includes EMI suppression, motor controls, and sensing controls, PCB fabrication, and cable and wire harness.


Take advantage of our expertise in developing new electronic components for your new project or we will work with your existing product to get what you want the first time. To learn more about what Hankscraft can do for you and your electronic needs, visit http://www.gotogmg.com.



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