Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite 1.2 Enables Collaborative UI Development for Embedded Device Manufacturers

(PRWEB) February 7, 2011

Crank Software Inc., an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions, today announced that its Crank Storyboard Suite now supports the OpenGL ES and OpenVG standards, and the Mac OS X operating system (OS). As a result, Storyboard further improves collaboration among stakeholders within the R&D team enabling companies to get products to market faster, with higher ROI, and lower TCO while delivering a superior user experience (UX).


UI design is increasingly a key differentiator among products across the embedded marketfrom consumer electronics to automotive to industrial automation and more. Traditionally, stakeholders within the R&D team worked serially within their own development environmentsthus losing competitive advantage in the market. Storyboard is a single visual UI development environment that enables embedded engineers, UI designers, and UX designers to work in parallel thereby accelerating the development cycle of rich animated UIs for resourced-constrained embedded devices.


New functionality now available in Storyboard Suite 1.2 further improves collaboration among stakeholders: OpenGL ES and OpenVG support optimizes graphics acceleration; Mac OS X hosted development enables UI designers to work in a familiar environment; Animation Manager increases performance; Unicode supports internationalization; and the ability to export a UI Design Document summarizing all the controls and actions associated with your UI.


A game-changing solution, Storyboard unites stakeholders in a single visual UI development environment enabling them to work more quickly and collaboratively throughout the entire development process, said Jason Clarke, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Crank Software Inc. New functionality in Crank Storyboard Suite 1.2 continues our goal of providing embedded engineers, UI designers, and UX designers with the tools to work more efficiently together throughout the entire product development lifecycle. The end result is faster time to the commercialization of products with richer, more complete experiences for their users.


About Crank Software Inc.

Crank Software is an innovator in embedded user interface (UI) solutions. Our products and services enable R&D teams to quickly and collaboratively develop rich animated UI for resource-constrained embedded devices compared to traditional electronic design automation tools. Today, time is wasted in the development lifecycle because the design goes back and forth between UI designers, user experience designers, and embedded systems engineers. The Crank Storyboard Suite enables stakeholders to work in parallel. Storyboard manages the entire UI lifecyclefrom UI design to simulation to being optimized for the device. Storyboard delivers competitive advantage because streamlining the development lifecycle enables companies to get products to market faster, with higher ROI, and lower TCO while delivering a superior customer experience. Visit us at


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