CTL Announces Thinix Touch On Their 2goPad SL10 Tablet

Portland, OR (PRWEB) October 26, 2011

Portland, Oregon’s CTL announced that they will begin selling their 2goPad SL10 tablet with Thinix Touch.

Thinix Touch is a user interface designed specifically for tablets. Thinix Touch allows for the creation of a customized collection of favorite applications and websites and has the ability to open them with a single touch. Applications are organized into large icons and grouped under configurable ‘tabs’. Users can open applications, minimize applications to the Thinix AppDock at the bottom of the screen, switch between running applications, and type with unprecedented ease using the Thinix Virtual Keyboard, all with just the touch of a finger. Friendly onscreen keyboard, automatic orientation, and integrated multitasking allow users to work efficiently at their desk or on-the-go.

We at are very excited to have Thinix Touch included on the CTL 2goPad SL10 said Anthony Clark, Vice President of Business Development at Thinix. Thinix Touch was designed to make tablet computing more efficient and fun for the enterprise business market and it will be a great edition to the business-class CTL 2goPad SL10.

ThinixTouch will dramatically increase the functionality and flexibility of the 2goPad SL10. The 2goPad SL10 is a 10 tablet that runs a full Windows

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