Eco-Friendly Items for Geeks Now Offered by Motherboard

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) April 8, 2008

Eager to keep Mother Earth open for business for generations to come, Motherboard Gifts & More has rescued a multitude of orphan circuit boards from dumpsters and landfills and given them a new purpose in life, turning them into custom gift items with both geek and green appeal.

The Chicago-area firm was founded in 1991 with a special life-sustaining mission: to manufacture high-end, quality gifts without digging for gold, drilling for oil or destroying the rain forest.

Business card cases, shimmering clipboards, and luminous key rings and luggage tags may not sound like the dawn of a new day. Yet seekers from all walks sense the way to green immortality when they realize all these boffo, custom gift products – and others – are actually created from reclaimed circuit boards originally designed for computers, televisions, and other electronics.

Motherboard’s visually stunning geek gift ideas exploit the intrinsic beauty of technology, while honoring the wisdom of ecology. They are fully functional products that earn their place in this world and often inspire that enviable encomium: Cool! When featured in a retailer’s showcase, they emanate with a definitive I’m an eco- and technology friendly Earth resident. And they make fab party favors at geek gatherings,

Circuit boards may suggest sharp edges and bumpy surfaces. Not so of Motherboard products. Each is created from material never marred by circuitry soldering. In fact, the boards were never actually installed because they are defective, deemed obsolete, or part of an unclaimed order. Another reason the product line long ago surpassed its 15 minutes of fame: the colors and patterns of circuit boards vary, making each gift item virtually one-of-a-kind.

Eco-Artifacts Rock

Motherboard’s all-time bestselling custom gift item is the business card case. The slim, metal case with a circuit board top holds 10-15 cards and fits easily in a pocket or briefcase. And all cases can now be personalized with engraving, like Make Love Not War or Save the Whales. Case dimensions are a thrifty 2 1/4 x 3 5/8 inches.

It’s large, flat surface makes the clipboard among the most visually alluring. Guaranteed to inspire questions – Is that a real circuit board? Does it really work? – the board is a stand out in contrast to recycled paper. Three sizes are available. The two largest accommodate standard 8

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