Customers Speed Development With Kozio’s kDiagnostics Software in AMCC’s New PowerPC® 440EP Evaluation Kit – New Evaluation Platform Embeds Kozio's kDiagnostics

Longmont, CO (PRWEB) June 29, 2005

Kozio, Inc., a leading developer of embedded systems software, today announced that Applied Micro Circuits Corporation’s (AMCC) [NASDAQ:AMCC] newly introduced PowerPC 440EP evaluation kit will include Kozio’s kDiagnostics software. kDiagnostics is a suite of advanced processor and board diagnostics used to perform in-depth testing of processors and evaluation boards. The software will be ROM resident on the “Yosemite” evaluation board custom designed by Embedded Planet, LLC for AMCC’s new 440EP kit. To reduce time-to-market, customers can license kDiagnostics.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best tools available in the market,” said Charlie Ashton, director of PowerPC software at AMCC. “With Kozio’s leading diagnostic software our customers can more efficiently test the 440EP processor and board to speed their overall development times.”

AMCC’s 440EP kit provides users with a comprehensive set of resources, including a custom-designed evaluation board, industry-standard software development tools, sample applications, system-level benchmarks and hardware design files. Kozio’s kDiagnostics, included in the kit, will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the 440EP processor and board, allowing users to leverage the base hardware/software in order to develop new products.

“We build our knowledge base by working with the latest processor reference designs from AMCC and other processor companies,” notes Kozio President Joseph Skazinski. “This expertise is then built into our finely architected library system, allowing the completed solution to be delivered in a matter of days or hours. Working with AMCC has been great, and we look forward to continued collaboration.”

Based on the PowerPC 440 superscalar core, AMCC’s 440EP is targeted at networking and communications applications. The PowerPC 440EP offers increased processor speed, memory performance and integrated dual fast Ethernets. Ideal for line card, system control and multi-radio devices, the PowerPC 440EP operates at a clock frequency of up to 553 MHz.

For developers of AMCC 440EP-based products and a wide range of other processor families from leading manufacturers, Kozio provides a completely integrated diagnostics solution, including drivers for peripherals, as well as turnkey test suites for Ethernet, I2C, USB, HSS and other features provided through the core processor architecture. Kozio also leverages its extensive hardware expertise to provide professional services, supporting boot loader and OS integration to custom platforms.

A similar evaluation kit will be available for AMCC’s PowerPC 440GR processor early next quarter. The 440GR will include the same set of resources found in the 440EP, including Kozio kDiagnostics, plus a “Yellowstone” evaluation board designed for AMCC by Embedded Planet, LLC.

Kozio delivers a complete diagnostics and functional test solution for hardware board bring-up, manufacturing test and production-ready power-on self-test through its products: kDiagnostics for system-level diagnostics of embedded designs; kMfgTest for automated embedded manufacturing and functional test; and kPOST for off-the-shelf Power-On Self-Test (POST). All products are delivered as pre-built binaries fully ported to custom hardware. For more information on Kozio products and free evaluation kits, visit For more information on AMCC’s PowerPC 440EP and its evaluation kit, please visit

About AMCC

AMCC provides the essential building blocks for the processing, moving and storing of information worldwide. The company blends systems and software expertise with high-performance, high-bandwidth silicon integration to deliver silicon, hardware and software solutions for global wide area networks (WAN), embedded applications such as PowerPC and programmable SOC architectures, storage area networks (SAN), and high-growth storage markets such as Serial ATA (SATA) RAID. AMCC’s corporate headquarters are located in San Diego, California. Sales and engineering offices are located throughout the world. For further information regarding AMCC, please visit at

About Kozio, Inc.

Kozio, Inc. develops software solutions that verify design and validate hardware for embedded single-board computer systems used in products such as ADSL gateways, wireless access points, network routers, voice solutions, security and test equipment, and aerospace systems. Kozio’s products provide comprehensive test solutions, including diagnostics for board bring-up, automated manufacturing test, and built-in self-test software for manufactured products. Kozio’s customers design, develop and manufacture boards used in computer-based electronic systems for the aerospace, networking, defense, test and wireless industries. Kozio products ease many embedded systems development challenges, from design through manufacturing and support, saving customers time and money. Kozio also provides custom software services leveraging its extensive knowledge of numerous semiconductor technologies. The company is privately held and based in Longmont, Colorado, and counts ADI Engineering, Intel and IBM among its major customers and partners. For more information, visit

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