Dialog Semiconductor Launches New Integrated General Purpose Power Management Controller

Kirchheim/Teck, Germany (PRWEB) September 26, 2005

Dialog Semiconductor Plc (NASDAQ: DLGS, FWB: DLG) has launched a new general purpose device for use as a core building block in power management sub-systems in portable electronics equipment, audio players, cellular handsets and digital cameras. The new DA9025 high performance power management controller takes a system level approach to managing the multiple power domains and voltage requirements of lithium powered portable applications, integrating a number of functions and interfacing directly with a battery pack.


Containing four low power, high performance, low dropout regulators based on Dialog Semiconductor¬ís unique ¬ĎSmart Mirror¬ô¬í technology, a real time clock supply and a high efficiency buck converter, the new IC fits between the simple single function device such as a low dropout regulator (LDO) or switching converter, and sophisticated system-on-chip ICs. The main benefit of this approach is that it reduces the cost and PCB overhead of having to build in multiple off-the-shelf, low-integration power management components from multiple vendors.


The DA9025 can be used both standalone with pre-determined power-up sequence for simple operation, or controlled by an I2C bus for greater control and programmability of output voltages and power in individual blocks.


Power efficiency and therefore longer battery life is enabled using Dialog Semiconductor¬ís patented and unique Smart Mirror¬ô architecture ¬Ė a technology that optimizes quiescent current consumption by matching it to the current demand and performance required, removing the need for a low power mode and the associated hardware and software overhead.


Typical handheld applications for the DA9025 include those with a lithium power source, processor controlling the main functionality, memory, external peripherals such as a display, memory expansion such as SD or MMC card and some analog functionality such as data conversion or sensor interfacing.


Such a system requires a number of different power domains. For example, the processor may typically require two supplies, a low voltage for its core to save power consumption and higher voltage to interface with the other devices. Analog functions tend to require higher voltages to guarantee operating headroom or provide powerful output drivers and display drivers tend to require higher voltages as display size and complexity increases.


The DA9025’s low dropout voltage regulators are designed specially for supplying stable voltages to various parts of the system. The low drop linear regulators are optimized for critical system parameters such as low noise, high power supply rejection or low quiescent current. Two of the LDOs may be used to supply audio or RF circuits as they are low noise and typically exhibit more than 80dB power supply rejection.


Battery supplies to the regulators are separated to maximize isolation. Under I2C control the regulator output voltage is also programmable. A fifth integrated regulator provides a supply for a real time clock. This is permanently active when the battery is connected but is a very low quiescent current design.


The integrated DC-DC buck converter has a programmable range of 0.85 to 3.3V, with a default supply of 1.8V at up to 400mA. In many systems the buck converter is used to power the system processor and memory. The buck converter may be set to operate in either synchronous or asynchronous modes to optimize operating efficiency depending on load current. The converter has integrated switching FETs and requires a minimum number of external components. Under I2C control the buck converter output voltage is also programmable allowing very low voltage processors to be used.


The DA9025 is available now in a 4 * 4mm 24 QFN package.


Information about Dialog Semiconductor


Dialog Semiconductor develops and supplies power management, audio and imaging technology, delivering innovative mixed signal standard products as well as application specific IC solutions for wireless, automotive and industrial applications. The company’s expertise in mixed signal design, with products manufactured entirely in CMOS technology, enhances the performance and features of wireless, hand-held and portable electronic products. Its technology is also used in intelligent control circuits in automotive and industrial applications. Dialog Semiconductor Plc is headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany with additional design facilities in the UK, the USA, Austria and Japan. The company is listed on the Frankfurt (FWB: DLG) and on the NASDAQ (DLGS) exchanges. For more information, visit http://www.Dialog-Semiconductor.com


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