Digitech’s New Uni-Mux Brings Improved Technology to Door Alarms

(PRWEB) June 29, 2005

“Individual Unit Door Alarms still rank as one of the most appealing amenities that customers look for in evaluating which neighborhood storage store they will chose to give their business, according to various industry surveys,” says Steve Cooper, Director of Marketing for Digitech, a premier security vendor to the self-storage industry. “The good news is that Uni-Mux will make installation of a hard-wired door alarm system easier and quicker than ever. The better news is that it will cost considerably less than any other version on the market. In addition, the device will act as a host for many other control functions that can be programmed into Digitech’s System Controller for the input/output and data driven switching that fit within the software’s capabilities.”

Featuring the latest techniques in manufacturing efficiency, board-based optical isolation as a circuit safeguard, an on board testing and diagnostic aid with a 4 x 20-character LCD, and telephone-style connectors; the device will increase installation efficiency significantly, according to Digitech. “Our engineers worked long and hard to combine the design of the device and available installation techniques and materials that take advantage of the latest technology,” says Cooper. The device also features the option to include alarms in sections of 22, 44, 66, 88, and 110 units, the most in the industry per device, which adds cost-saving options to system planning. “With the new design, installers will be using accepted industry practices that will shorten the learning curve and make the installation easier overall.”

Digitech’s Uni-Mux is in full production and is available now for use in configuring the access control and security systems that provide property protection and make management’s job easier. “The various plug-in units will help site planners use Digitech’s electronics for lighting controls, elevator control circuits, and other data-driven security components manufactured specifically for the self-storage industry,” concludes Cooper. “Our staff will be working with architects, site engineers, and owners to create the best possible scenarios in today’s world of security challenges.”

Digitech manufactures its World Class Security Solutions for distribution through a network of independent factory-trained resellers and installers. The company can be contacted through its web site at http://www.digitech-intl.com or toll-free at 800.523.9504.


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