Eastern Industrial Automation Provides Better Electrical and Industrial Automation Services for Businesses Around the World

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Eastern Industrial Automation (formerly Eastern Bearings) has rebranded in order to highlight a focus on automation as a whole, underscoring ongoing initiatives to offer businesses a better source for electrical and industrial automation components.


Looking in on the production floor at Eastern Industrial Automation (E.I.A), it becomes clear that there is a lot that goes into making industrial automation possible for industries around the world. As representatives at Eastern Industrial Automation explain, the company continues to endeavor to improve their capability to provide better electrical and industrial automation products and services for customers on a global scale.


As Drew Tucci, Director of Sales and Marketing of Eastern Industrial Automation explains, A very wide variety of electrical and industrial automation components are essential for just about every industry that takes advantage of automated machinery, without a lot of these industrial automation products, a lot of what we have today would be very different.


Continuing, Tucci says, Electrical and industrial automation components can include everything from AC drives and motors to tension controls, electrical actuators, motion controllers, programmable logic controllers, electrical distribution components, and many others.


According to Tucci, without a reliable source for these electrical and industrial automation parts and services, products like automobiles, components like circuit boards, and virtually all of the electronics used every day would be harder to manufacture, more expensive, and less reliable.


Every day, automated machinery relies on countless parts and components that keep it running smoothly. At E.I.A weve improved our processes to better provide all the electrical and industrial automation components needed, ultimately improving each customers bottom line.


In addition to continually upgrading processes to provide industries with better automation components and services, Eastern Industrial Automation also launched a new website at the beginning of 2012, http://www.Easternia.com.


Regarding both the companys drive to improve how it can help customers with better industrial automation equipment and the unveiling of the new website, Tucci says Its all about being better. Were always concerned with helping our customers get the precision and efficiency they need. Simultaneously, launching the new website also gives us the ability to expand our visibility to an even wider global audience.


About Eastern Industrial Automation

Founded in 1963, Eastern Bearings, Inc., initially delivered mechanical components to textile mills throughout New England. Today, Eastern Bearings, Inc., has been rebranded to Eastern Industrial Automation to better communicate the wide scope of industrial automation products and services the company provides. Having continually grown and expanded over the years, Eastern Industrial Automation has become a worldwide provider of service, sales, and support for industrial automation solutions used by industries everywhere. For more information, visit http://www.easternia.com or call 781-899-3952.



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