eLeaP Learning Management System Releases Latest Version of Popular eLeaP LMS Platform Making Online Training Even Easier

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) March 3, 2011

Telania | eLeaP, a Louisville KY based Learning Management Systems provider has released the latest version of the hugely popular eLeaP LMS Platform.


While the competition is stuck with antiquated technologies and unwieldy software, eLeaP has just made online training a lot easier with advanced course management tools, smart menus for users and responsive reporting. What this means for you is easy course creation support for multiple content formats, streaming technology to deliver rich media content and interactive tools to encourage formal and informal learning a sure way to generate excitement for your e-learning and training program.


Innovation is in our DNA. Every time we release a new version of eLeaP LMS, it is the result of intensive analysis, client interviews, and usability experts reviews incorporating the latest in e-learning, web-based training technology and web software architecture.


With our release of eLeaP4, we have provided our customers with cutting edge technology, extremely easy usability and unparalleled security and speed. eLeaP4 has clear information alerts and color coded notices to guide users and provide additional helpful information. With UNICODE UTF-8 support enabled for International language courses customers can now easily add course content in various International languages. We have also upgraded the eLeaP Content Editor to enable faster uploads, easier content formatting (tables, cells) and additional content features.


eLeaP4 brings to life a Smart Course Menu For example if Glossary, FAQ, Resources features are not being used, they dont appear in trainees Course Menu. You can easily turn these and also Feedback & White Board features On or Off. eLeaP4 has also added [Launch Course] and [Relaunch Course] buttons for all SCORM courses. This way, users will easily know how to start their assigned SCORM courses. eLeaP4 also features a simplified [Advanced Settings] system which enables customers to simply add the minimum number of minutes or seconds for each lesson. eLeaP4 knows to activate advanced setting monitoring so you can meet your compliance training requirements.


Automatic email notifications are now being sent to all Users or User Groups assigned Career Paths when those Career Paths have been changed (courses added or removed). This means you can continue to make updates to your Career Paths and let eLeaP remind your trainees of these updates. We have taken the pain and hustle out of annual training and other compliance training needs. eLeaP4 also comes with a ‘Quiz Graded’ email alert sent to users when final quiz grades are assigned. When you have to manually review quiz questions, eLeaP will alert users of their final quiz grades. You dont have to do anything on your end!


eLeaP4 features a robust and more compact and efficient User Groups Activity (UGA) report. With the ability to search for specific users within User Groups, customers can now easily update User Group memberships. This is a huge time saver. Want to delete all users belonging to a specific User Group? eLeaP4 makes it easy to select the specific User Group in the Users tab and click filter to display only those users belonging to that User Group. Customers can now highlight every user belonging to this User Group for deletion etc.


Automated User management mass add/delete users from a single bulk upload file. We are also working on APIs for Advanced User Management and reports access. Uploading New Users has also been simplified. Simply upload and [Confirm import] and your list will be imported. Customers can also search for specific users in specific access levels such as all instructors or all trainees or all Admins, within a User Group. These features will save you significant time and money. Do you have to collect offline homework files? We have added an option for the System Administrator to view homework files via the ‘My Stuff’ files uploaded by trainees. This is a great and easy way to collect homework assignments. For updating trainee records with external certifications and training programs customers can now create Notes in Trainees records or profile. Admin can add comments and additional information pertaining to employees and trainees.


With the latest eLeaP4 release, we have drastically upgraded the eLeaP Media Player System to enable easier video streaming on all major browsers. You can easily and securely use external document and file hosting and management services like Google Docs as well as other embedded content in your course. Our clients like Merit Medical really like this feature as it keeps their content secure while enable easy distribution via eLeaP.


eLeaP has permitted our small technical staff to focus on other projects that are more unique and critical to our line of business, while knowing that the learning management system is fully functional and meeting our internal customer needs.


–Lincoln Cannon, Director of Web Systems, Merit Medical Systems


eLeaP4 Mobile Edition

eLeaP4 is optimized for mobile devices. You can now access your eLeaP account via your smart phone and tablet PC devices like: iPhone, iPad, Motorola Xoom, Andriod smart phones and devices. Take advantage of learning on the go. eLeaP4 Mobile edition is free. Simply fire up your smart phone or mobile device, log into your account and access great training and e-learning content.


We invite you to test drive eLeaP4 today. Simply go to http://www.eleapsoftware.com to create your special free account now.


About eLeaP e-Learning Solutions


eLeaP e-Learning Solutions provides SCORM certified training and e-learning management systems that enable organizations of any size, maximize employee performance and minimize liability and risks from lack of compliance and industrial training. The eLeaP Learning Management System is designed to fit any organization size. With it you, will have the sophistication favored by big companies. Yet, you can enjoy the flexibility, simplicity and customization of a learning management system that will not overwhelm or financially drain smaller organizations.


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