Fast Turnaround on Prototype PCBs Sets Procyon PCB, Inc. Apart

BALTIMORE, MD (PRWEB) December 21, 2004

In the quick reaction world of electronics, the speed at which a mission or task is completed for a customer can be a matter of life and death for the project or the end-user.

Procyon PCB, Inc. has been able to provide the quality prototypes within deadlines to help customers achieve their project needs and goals. Procyon is a veteran owned, small business that provides quick-turn prototype PCBs from single sided up to eight layers.

Engineers love the flexibility that Procyon offers. For example, customers may choose to have their prototypes sprayed with a transparent protective coating and flux-agent that prevents corrosion or tin plated, or they may request a prototype solder mask made of polyimide material.

Procyon PCB, Inc. accepts Gerber, Gerber 274-X, Excellon, Sieb & Meier, DXF, Barco, and ODB++ file formats, giving additional flexibility.

Options include 27 varieties of board material and thicknesses which include 12 standard thicknesses of double sided FR-4 (included in the price). The company also offers an additional service by offering Rogers 3006, 3010, 4003, 5880, 6006, and 6010 material in limited selections for double sided RF prototypes.

“We do everything we can to meet the exact needs of our customers,” explained Ben Bark of Procyon. “We will even special order substrates to meet specific needs. We support both plated and unplated thru-holes as well as hidden vias, between certain layers only.” More information can be found at the company web site at

“We didn’t think it was a milled board at all. It looks etched. Very well done. Without a doubt it is the best milled board we’ve ever seen. Our past experiences are only with two-layer milled boards, and they looked mediocre at best. This is six-layers with 5/5 geometry and it looks sweet. We have some blank etched boards of the same type to compare it to, and the milled board compares favorably,” said recent Procyon customer Thomas J. Burke of RABA Core Foundary, his comments are typical of other Procyon customers.

“We offer design engineers a test prototype pcb with minimal restrictions. Our prototypes are similar to the electrical characteristics and constraints that are being designed for and are required in today’s high speed and RF circuits,” said Bark.

Procyon PCB, Inc. is an exclusive user of LPKF Prototyping Equipment, one of the most experienced users of LPKF Rapid PCB Prototyping equipment for multilayer PCB’s in the USA.


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