Electrolock Introduces New Solder Pallet Material for Extreme Performance Applications

Hiram, Ohio (PRWEB) January 6, 2009

Electrolock-XP, a new solder pallet material, meets the demanding flatness and thickness requirements for soldering applications, reduces downtime and sets new standards for durable performance in lead-free and halide flux soldering systems.


Electrolock-XP was manufactured in the United States using an innovative, patent-pending molding and processing technology. Electrolock-XP was developed to meet the extreme demands of soldering processes better than the other materials currently available. This solder pallet material meets thickness and flatness requirements without the necessity for surface grinding and can sustain up to 12,000 soldering cycles with virtually no surface degradation.


Electrolock-XP is molded under very high pressure, providing a profile surface that is chemically inert and heat resistant. This material offers electronic manufacturers and fabricators distinct advantages over other solder pallet materials including improved quality control of their soldering process, greater resistance to extreme conditions, improved performance, reduced downtime and lower operating costs.


Rich Reed, business unit manager for Electrolock explains, “Electrolock-XP pallets offer EMS manufacturers and fabricators improved quality control of their processes by providing greater resistance to extreme temperatures and corrosion, setting a new industry standard for durable performance. They reduce downtime by eliminating the need for sanding and extend soldering capabilities by providing a smooth, durable, chemically inert surface that enables more intricate, complex circuit designs.”


For more information about Electrolock-XP, the new ROHS-compliant solder pallet that is setting the new industry standard for durable performance in lead-free and halide flux soldering systems or to request a free sample, contact Rich Reed or visit http://www.solderpallet.com.


About Electrolock:

Electrolock Incorporated is a designer and manufacturer of high performance materials for the PCB tooling and assembly industry. Electrolock has a 50+ year history in the development and implementation of custom materials for electronic, automotive and high performance electrical and thermal insulation applications.



Rich Reed, Business Unit Manager

Electrolock Incorporated





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