Embedded Software Development with C – AVR E-Book

Embedded Software Development with C

Embedded Software Development With C Kai Qian About this textbook: Intelligible presentation of the fundamentals of embedded systems design and development using the C programming language and the 8051 microcontroller. Examines the longevity and relevancy of the 8051 microcontroller for designing embedded systems in present applications. Includes extensive appendices for reference work. Encourages a hands-on, incremental learning approach with comprehensive tutorial materials provided both in textbook and online. Embedded Software Development With C offers both an effectual reference for professionals and researchers, and a valuable learning tool for students by laying the groundwork for a solid foundation in the hardware and software aspects of embedded systems development.


C Getting Started with Silicon Laboratories C8051F005DK Development
D Counter with 7Segment Numeric Display

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Title Embedded Software Development with C
Authors Kai Qian, David Den Haring, Li Cao
Edition illustrated
Publisher Springer, 2009
ISBN 1441906053, 9781441906052
Length 384 pages

Computers / Computer Science
Computers / Operating Systems / General
Computers / Programming Languages / General
Computers / Software Development & Engineering / General

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