Fasoo.com to Showcase a Static Program Analyzer at ESC 2011, Expanding its Market Worldwide

Seoul, South Korea (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

Fasoo.com, Inc., a leading static analysis tool provider, announced today that it will introduce SPARROW4 which is a static program analyzer for Java/C/C++ in the U.S. at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in Silicon Valley from May 2nd to the 5th, at booth #1241.


At this event, Fasoo.com launches SPARROW4, a new static program analyzer for Java/C/C++ that detects fatal errors such as buffer overflow, resource leak, and null dereference without running the program. As program complexity grows, the amount of fatal damage and loss caused by software defects is being dramatically increased and it not only accounts for additional cost for software quality assurance but also creates risk that can ruin the reputation of enterprises.


SPARROW4 supports developers to fix the errors that are critical from the early stages of software development as the code is written. SPARROW4 automatically detects critical errors from quality defects to security vulnerabilities that can lead to catastrophic failure and maintain false alarm ratio under 10% at the same time.


Best way to assure software quality is to create test scenarios on every possible case, but that is impossible. Static analysis tool can solve the problem, said Dr. Kyugon Cho, Fasoo CEO and founder. SPARROW4 will help developers and management to develop defect-free software.


ESC, a world class exhibition covering software for embedded system and overall operating system, will not only provide nearly 200 sessions in 25 diversified tracks for Space Aviation, National Defense, Robot, Manufacturing, Medical service, etc , but also exhibit the latest technology and products with approximately 250 companies in the area of IT convergence.


To learn more about SPARROW, visit http://www.spa-arrow.com or http://www.fasoo.com.


Please contact kyucho(at)fasoo(dot)com to arrange an on-site meeting at the booth (#1334) at your convenience.


About Fasoo:

Founded in 2000, Fasoo set a landmark in the DRM industry with the first commercial DRM services in 2000 and enterprise DRM solutions in 2001. Based on the core-technology of the DRM platform, Fasoo has been providing total DRM solutions and services applicable to any types of digital content on any device and to any applications. In 2006, Fasoo launched SPARROW, a static analyzer for C language program. Over the past five years SPARROW has grown to support C++ and Java. Today, more than 950 enterprises with over two million users secure their confidential files using Fasoo’s DRM applications, including SAMSUNG, HITACHI and POSCO, to name a few. As a global software company, Fasoo is rapidly expanding its market worldwide.



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