Finder Master Plus ensures it

It is known, that it is ideal to protect every controlled peripherial separately. DIN Rail-mounted relay interface module Finder Master Plus 39.3x integrates function of a switching and protective element into one component.
Finder Master Plus was in detail described to you in our article Relay interface module with a fuse module. Thanks to a growing interest, we incorporated to our standard stock offer the first type from this series – Despite the fact, that Finder Master Plus series offers more than for example Finder 38.51 series, the price of the new type is even more favorable. In its basic version, the Master Plus module is without a fuse holder (type 093.63, upon order). To deploy the fusing function, all that is necessary is to simply push-in this holder into the module, what connects the fuse in series with the switched circuit.
Finder Master Plus ensures it
Condition of the fuse is easily visible through a window. At width of a relay module only 6.2 mm, it is an interface with a separated protection, occupying only a minimum space on the rail. Interconnections in a distribution box can be further simplified and be more transparent thanks to a possibility to use interconnection jumper links. Finder Master Plus 39.3x are available in several versions, EMR or SSR, at the type 39.3x.3 also with a leakage current suppression. Detailed information will provide you the Finder S39datasheet.

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