Finder Master Plus ensures it

It is known, that it is ideal to protect every controlled peripherial separately. DIN Rail-mounted relay interface module Finder Master Plus 39.3x integrates function of a switching and protective element into one component.
Finder Master Plus was in detail described to you in our article¬†Relay interface module with a fuse module. Thanks to a growing interest, we incorporated to our standard stock offer the first type from this series ‚Äst39. Despite the fact, that Finder Master Plus series offers more than for example Finder¬†38.51¬†series, the price of the new type is even more favorable. In its basic version, the Master Plus module is without a fuse holder (type 093.63, upon order). To deploy the fusing function, all that is necessary is to simply push-in this holder into the module, what connects the fuse in series with the switched circuit.
Finder Master Plus ensures it
Condition of the fuse is easily visible through a window. At width of a relay module only 6.2 mm, it is an interface with a separated protection, occupying only a minimum space on the rail. Interconnections in a distribution box can be further simplified and be more transparent thanks to a possibility to use interconnection jumper links. Finder Master Plus 39.3x are available in several versions, EMR or SSR, at the type 39.3x.3 also with a leakage current suppression. Detailed information will provide you the Finder S39datasheet.

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