Flippin' Pizza Launches iPad Training App

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) February 27, 2012

Flippin’ Pizza’s founder Patrick Farley wanted to improve on the customer experience, while also improving outdated training programs consisting of large manuals. His solution? A cutting edge, custom branded iPad application developed by Clave Media. The iPad training app uses short, 2-minute videos and is geared to the younger, tech-savvy Flippin’ staff demographic. Nobody wants to sit and watch an hour long video (a method still used by many franchise restaurants), and Farley claims, managers and staff absolutely love it!! Watch a quick video of the Flippin’ Pizza iPad Training App.

The videos and the iPad app will serve as a valuable resource for all employees moving forward. Using all embedded 2 minute videos, an employee or trainee can learn quality customer service, how to make a pie, food recipes, how to handle an angry customer, etc. Think of the benefits that this will have for the customer! Sunny Pinhero, a director of development at Fransmart and a former franchisee with Subway, notes Whether its initial or ongoing, training produces more capable employees that can easily handle situations ensuring the customers experience is positive.”

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