Low Cost Household Battery Tester with Thermochromic Display Printed on a Thin Flexible Strip Lights Up to Indicate Battery Strength

Glenview IL (PRWEB) June 19, 2010

LCR Hallcrest http://www.hallcrest.com is pleased to release for sale of the First Household Battery Tester where the electric circuit that measures battery performance and the display that communicates that information is entirely printed on a thin lightweight flexible plastic strip.


This groundbreaking design uses thermochromic leuco dyes in the capacity testing of batteries. The electrical circuit printed with conductive ink that measures battery capacity is integrated with a thermochromic display that lights up to indicate battery power which is displayed as a dramatic color change.


This printed electronic tester is designed to test the most prevalent 1.5V and 9V batteries frequently used and commonly found in the home. This novel device offers true utility and value providing for the quick, easy and reliable testing of the various sizes and shapes of 1.5V and 9V batteries.


It is a robust plastic strip measuring 1.125 x 4.75 inches that has no mechanical or moving parts and will provide years of service. It can be stored in a draw or toolbox. Simply contact the battery terminals to the battery tester where indicated and read the colored display.


It is a fast convenient method to Test Before You Replace those batteries that have been sitting in the kitchen draw or tool box. TV Remote stops working, test before you replace. It is also a great way to insure that rechargeable batteries are charged and ready for use when needed. Fits well in camera bags and travel kits.


Ideal low cost retail or promotional item, perfect for home use


LCR Hallcrests New Household Battery Tester is currently marketed through Thermographics http://www.thermographics.com as a promotional item and available for immediate purchase at http://www.thermometersite.com


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