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Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2003 – September 15, 2003 –

Sensory, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of embedded speech technologies today announced the release of its new SVC-64 integrated circuit. The SVC-64 chip is a general purpose 8 bit microcontroller with the ability to implement word-based speaker verification technology for ultra low cost systems.

Reducing Costs to Open New Markets

Sensory’s speaker verification technology has been integrated into millions of units for applications ranging from automotive security systems to a voice-activated diary lock that prevents nosy siblings from snooping. “We have customers asking us to provide a lower cost solution for implementing voice passwords than our full featured RSC line of chips,” according to Todd Mozer, Sensory’s CEO. “They want higher accuracy in noisy environments but at the lowest cost possible. The SVC64 achieves these goals and will allow us to penetrate new markets for embedded speech verification.” Sensory expects products such as cell phones, PDA’s, toys, portable computers, and other personal electronics devices to be ideal for the new SVC-64 offering.

High Accuracy in Noise

One of the biggest historical challenges for speaker verification technology has been its ability to work in the presence of background noise, especially if the product is trained on the user’s voice in a quieter environment. Sensory has implemented new and sophisticated filtering algorithms to make the SVC64 chip perform extremely well under these circumstances.

Availability, Features & Pricing

The SVC-64 IC is available for sampling in Q4 2003. Production orders can be delivered in die form or TQFP packaging in Q1 2004. The SVC-64 IC has an on chip A/D converter, microphone pre-amplifier, microcontroller, 16 lines of general purpose I/O, 64KB maskable ROM memory, and sufficient RAM to store up to 6 passwords on chip. The SVC-64 works from 2.85- 5.25V, and has a typical active current consumption of 10mA with a power down current consumption of 1uA. The SVC-64 is priced at under $ 1.25 in large volume die purchases.

About Sensory, Inc.

Sensory, Inc. is the world leader in embedded speech technologies, including recognition, verification, synthesis, and animated speech. Sensory’s Interactive Speech™ line of ICs and Fluent-Speech™ line of software solutions are specifically designed for consumer electronics where low cost and high quality is essential. Companies such as Tektronix, Mattel, Hasbro, Uniden, JVC and Sony have integrated Sensory technologies into diverse products ranging from intelligent playthings to industrial medical equipment. Sensory is a private company, founded in 1994, and is based in Santa Clara, California. More information is available from Sensory’s web site at http://www.sensoryinc.com.

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