Flux Workload Automation Follows 80/20 Rule by Offering Essential Features at Low Prices

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) February 28, 2012

Today, Dave Sims, Founder and CEO of Flux, a leading cross-platform workload automation and managed file transfer solution, released a statement regarding Flux’s unusually transparent pricing structure.


“Flux continues to flourish. Our 2012 roadmap includes many improvements to our core essential features. On the other hand, our pricing is unusually low and transparent for enterprise class workload automation solutions. It’s like Flux has 80% of the features of other enterprise class solutions at 20% of the price,” Sims stated.


In the spirit of transparency, Flux pricing is readily available on their website. Sold directly with a straightforward perpetual licensing structure, the pricing is an extension of the product, offering a minimal initial capital expenditure, low total cost of ownership (TCO), and a simple yet powerful automation solution. Software costs are more than just the purchase price. Renewals, maintenance, and training impact IT budgets. “Beyond the excellent entry price, Flux offers simple plans for renewals and phenomenal customer support and training,” said Sims.


Flux simultaneously schedules and securely transfers files, runs and tracks workflows, optimizes resources, and alerts staff to potential issues and bottlenecks for fast resolution. The time-saving, script-free solutions appeal to IT staff. For developers, the feature-rich flexibility of this lightweight cross platform solution has been the basis for many new business applications over the last decade. Many of them are running in the financial sector.


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