Fujitsu Introduces High-Density 4X I/O Connector Module for Space-Efficient, High-Speed Signal Transmission

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2006

Fujitsu Components America, Inc. today released the first in a series of new connector modules for 4x I/O to support high-speed signal transmission. The new modules offer a compact, cost-efficient way to increase I/O port density and available printed circuit board (pcb) space, while simplifying high-speed signal routing on the main pcb.


The first module in Fujitsus Multi-IO microGiGaCN series is the FCN-268Y032-A. This is a 2×2-stacked module of four, 4x links that meets InfiniBand, InfiniBand DDR, 10G Fiber Channel, and 10GBase-CX4 data rates in a 4-channel, bi-directional data-transfer mode. The module is designed to accommodate up to five modules (20 links) installed in a 1U configuration on a motherboard.


Each 2×2 module mounts to the pcb via a single, Fujitsu high-speed, board-to-board mezzanine connector, which is rated to 10Gbps. Using only a single interface connector per module simplifies board design and reduces component count on the pcb. In addition, the modules die-cast housing offers a robust, mechanical interface and improved EMI protection. Options for link-status LEDs and media detect circuitry are planned on future versions.


The FCN-268Y032-A has a 30VAC rating and 240m ohm contact resistance (signal), 180m ohms (ground). When mated, it has a differential characteristic impedance of 100 ohms +/-10 percent with 100ps rise time.


The FCN-268Y032-A is priced at $ 37.50 in 1K quantities. The high-speed interface connector is priced at $ 7.39 in 1K quantities.


Company Information


Fujitsu Components America Inc. markets and distributes electronic components throughout North, Central and South America. Products include relays, connectors, keyboards, touch panels, pointing and input devices, KVM switches and thermal printer mechanisms. The company is headquartered at 250 E. Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale, California, 94089. For product information, contact FCAI via telephone at 1-800-380-0059.


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