Goal Semiconductor introduces a new, highly integrated Microcontroller with Analog to Digital Converter and 14-Segment LCD Driver

Montreal, (PRWEB) March 17, 2004

The VRS900 is a low-cost, 8-bit, 8051-based microcontroller (a derivative of the 80C52 microcontroller family), with an 8-bit A/D Converter, 14 segment LCD driver, 8KB of on-chip Flash and 256B of RAM.


The VRS900, which belongs to the VERSA Microcontroller (MCU) Series, has such additional features as a 1-channel SPWM and 1-channel PWM, up to 36 I/Os, three 16-bit timers, and is available in two operating voltages: 3.0V-3.3V and 4.5V-5.0V.


“We are extremely pleased with the introduction of this mixed signal integrated circuit which addresses the needs of key markets for us,” said John Zambakkides, VP Sales and Marketing. “The VRS900 hardware features make it a versatile and cost-effective controller for a wide range of embedded applications.”


The VERSA Microcontroller (MCU) Series are function for function, pin-to-pin drop-in replacements for the majority of 8051 MCUs used on the market today and they are available in 44-PLCC and 44-QFP packages.


Volume pricing for the VRS900 is $ 3.00. For price and availability please contact any one of our worldwide manufacturers representatives, distributors, or Goal Semiconductor directly.


The VERSA MCUs are supported by a demo system and are compatible with a range of C-compilers, such as Keil, Tasking, Raisonance IDE / Compiler / Assembler, etc. – the latter available free from Goal Semiconductor.


Commercial gang programmers as well as evaluation programmers are available to program the on-chip Flash memory of the MCUs.


Goal is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company that supplies microcontrollers and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the embedded systems market. Goal Semiconductor products are sold worldwide by a highly technical network of manufacturers representatives and distributors. Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada

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