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Montreal, QC (PRWEB) July 16, 2007

Magnum Publications Inc. offers a new web site dedicated to guitar players and those in the process of learning.


A select quantity of exceptional guitars, effects pedals, amplifiers and accessories are presented, enabling the beginner or advanced individual an excellent choice of units at reasonable prices.


In addition a complete series of hands-on “secrets” are provided to help to understand how guitars function with respect to operation, modifications and maintenance.


The “secrets” start with player action details of string bending and proceed to vibrato control, both techniques essential to successful playing. Further details are shown with respect to “hammer-ons”, “pull-offs”, “finger taps” and “pick-harmonics”.


The details then turn to string types, emphasizing string gauges with respect to types of music concerned, and then proceed to string maintenance and settings. The importance of bridge selection is well detailed, as is integration of pick-ups.


Detailed hands-on modifications are shown with respect to tonal variations on single coil pick-ups, with a complete list of required materials. Concise schematic wiring diagrams are also provided.


Fully detailed instructions with schematic wiring diagrams are provided for both on-board and off-board pre-amplifiers. These are exceptionally detailed articles concerning assembly and installation procedures.


The “secrets” are further complimented by thorough details with respect to repairing guitars as a hobby or a potential source of revenue.


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