I2C EEPROM Programmer With AT2313 microcontroller


This EEPROM programmer reads, writes and erases I²C 24C EEPROM devices. It has a PC serial port interface. The programmer needs 5VDC power supply. It can read or write one page (16 bytes) at a time by programming the page with a terminal program such as hyperterminal, no external software is needed to read or write to the EEPROM. At the moment only the 24C32 is tested with the programmer but it might work also with other I2C EEPROM devices. The 24C32 has 4096 bytes, that are 256 pages.
I2C EEPROM Programmer
The programmer contains the AT2313 microcontroller which connects to the RS232 serial port of the PC through the MAX232 line driver. The microcontroller has software configured I2C bus which is connected to the I2C EEPROM device. The software inside the AT2313 receives commands and data from the terminal program through the RS232 port. The software translates the commands and data into serial datastreams for the I2C bus and sends it to the EEPROM. The commands contain read or write instruction for the I2C EEPROM. The target device is placed in a DIP8 socket.
The software for the microcontroller is made with the BASCOM AVR compiler. You can find more information how to interface a I2C EEPROM to a microcontroller at:
Interfacing I2C EEPROM
I2C EEPROM Programmer
For more details, click: I2C EEPROM Programmer With AT2313 microcontroller

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