Isabel Healthcare Partners with Better Day EHR

Ann Arbor, MI (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Isabel Healthcare announced its partnership to integrate the Isabel diagnosis decision support system with the Better Day EHR platform, which combines speech-to-text, mobile devices and web-based technologies in novel ways to streamline clinical documentation.

Isabel Healthcare is the industry leader in diagnosis decision support applications, with thousands of users in North America and Europe. Better Day EHR combines natural speech processing with mobile devices and Internet-based technologies to create a new way to document patient encounters — by making available all of the key clinical data needed for the healthcare providers to make the accurate diagnoses at the point of care. The embedded documentation and coding assistance will increase efficiency while reducing physician practice costs.

The Better Day EHR software will significantly improve the way doctors and other providers review and consider diagnoses while reducing the time these providers spend in front of a computer, said Don Bauman, chief executive officer, Isabel Healthcare.

Using predictive modeling along with 3rd-party applications and devices, Better Day EHR turns data into action and, in doing so, actively facilitates patient-provider collaboration to manage health, fitness & chronic disease proactively.

The Better Day platform streamlines documentation and eliminates the computer as a barrier between patients and providers, which represents a better day for healthcare providers while creating measurable improvements in their patients health, said Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH and chief executive officer for VoiceHIT. Working with innovative partners, like Isabel Healthcare, we are redefining the EHR model and, in doing so, we are offering a new vision to the healthcare community, one that nearly eliminates time spent documenting and coding encounters and allows for significantly more quality time with patients. More importantly than reducing costs and improving efficiency, this shift will yield better care.

Isabel Healthcare offers a web-based application, called Isabel, that is the worldwide leader in diagnosis decision support systems designed to provide essential diagnosis and treatment information at the point of need. For a given set of signs and symptoms, Isabel presents the clinician with a list of likely diagnoses to consider, and each diagnosis is linked to evidence-based literature and medical knowledge to help with further investigation, potential testing and treatment. The Isabel system has been extensively validated over a decade and is currently being used by leading healthcare systems across North America and Europe.

About Isabel Healthcare

Isabel Healthcare Inc. was founded in 2000 by Jason Maude and is named after Maudes daughter, who almost died after a potentially fatal illness was not quickly recognized. For more than 10 years, Isabel Healthcare has provided the Isabel diagnosis decision support system to hospitals, physician practices and individual physicians and has gained peer-reviewed validation and unmatched experience. Today, Isabel is the only diagnosis decision support system fully integrated with EMR and is used by thousands of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and students worldwide, providing diagnostic support and education by broadening their differential diagnostic considerations. For more information, visit or

About VoiceHIT and the Better Day EHR Platform

VoiceHIT was founded by Dr. Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH in the fall of 2010. VoiceHIT provides an affordable Electronic Health Record platform to ambulatory clinics and healthcare providers, called the Better Day EHR & Documentation Solution. As a web-based, first-of-breed, 3rd-party application-enabled EHR platform, Better Day addresses the complex needs of today’s healthcare providers with a mission to dramatically simplify and improve the EHR and personal health record (PHR) user experiences. The Better Day platform is expected to launch in the fall of 2012; it is currently in Pilot Testing. For more information about VoiceHIT and its products, please visit Connect with us at info(at)BetterDayEHR(dot)com, 504.710.8564, or on Facebook at or Twitter at to learn more.

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