Insteon Poised to Dominate Wireless Home Application Market of 160 Million Units Despite Growing Competition

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2006

Insteon, a two way wireless standard with a powerline control enhancement that enables environmental monitoring as well as control using one remote device, offers interoperability of products from many vendors without the aid of an industry alliance, according to WTRS. Zone control within the home of both the lighting and HVAC systems lowers energy costs and hence enables vendors to more easily meet Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.


“At this point Insteon is competing for market share with legacy X10, Infrared, proprietary RF (Lutron, Zensys), ZigBee, and IEEE 802.15.4 products,” says Kirsten West, PhD, founder and Principal Analyst with the high-tech market research firm WTRS. “We have found many of the end product companies are increasingly focused on choosing an option which enables out-of-the-box interoperability of products from various vendors. However, today Insteon is the best positioned product to enable lighting and HVAC zone control in the home. Given that temperature control and lighting represent 67% of the average household utility bill, zone control will become increasing significant over the next few years.”


WTRS has also found that:


1. The total available market for sensor-controllers in home applications is roughly 160 million units in the US. The market is dominated by audio & video equipment, followed by electric housewares & fans and residential electric lighting fixtures. This TAM, however, stands to significantly increase over the next 5 years as manufacturing and construction companies increasingly incorporate “smart” capabilities into their design and everyday items.


2. Lighting control applications alone represent a total addressable market of more than 60 million nodes this year. Lighting is one particular application in which various technical and business reasons come together to form a barrier to entry that Insteon alone can easily cross.


3. Legacy X10 represents a significant market opportunity for Insteon as it is compatible with legacy X10 products and offers consumers a gradual upgrade path rather than a complete replacement.


4. Of the competitive wireless IEEE 802.15.4 implementations available today, that may eventually reach pricing of $ 1 (including the microcontroller), it is only Insteon which will drop below that. A conservative forecast of the average chipset selling price indicates the potential to reach $ 0.53 in 2010.


5. Insteon is well suited to appliance management applications where the Powerline is readily available and the amount of metal and presence of motors in the appliances makes wireless by itself not an attractive option.


Recent WTRS research, Insteon Technology Market Intelligence Report (#WT061007INMIR), examines the newest developments in the Insteon market and the overall addressable market for home sensor-controller applications.


This report evaluates potential Insteon chipset penetration and profitability in varying market segments. A business case study compares total addressable market for Insteon, as well as those of ZigBee, Z-Wave, X-10, and UPB. Five-year chipset shipment forecasts for Insteon are presented by worldwide geographic region, as well as by major geographic region. Five-year revenue forecasts for Insteon by specific home control application are also included, as well as a comparison with the forecast for competing wireless and wired technologies. The report includes analysis of Insteon technology, customer development, and an evaluation of application requirements and market drivers.


More information on this research


Title: Insteon Market Intelligence Report: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Insteon Market Potential


Product Number: WT061007INMIR


Publication Date: July 2006


Number of Pages: 73


Market Brief, Table of Contents, Figures & Tables all available upon request


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