LTM4643 – Ultrathin Quad μModule Regulator with Configurable 3A Output Array


  • Quad Output Step-Down μModule® Regulator with 3A per Output
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4V to 20V
  • 2.375V to 20V with External Bias
  • 0.6V to 3.3V Output Voltage
  • 3A DC Output Current Each Channel
  • ±1.5% Total Output Voltage Regulation
  • Current Mode Control, Fast Transient Response
  • Parallelable for Higher Output Current
  • Output Voltage Tracking
  • Internal Temperature Sensing Diode Output
  • External Frequency Synchronization
  • Overvoltage, Current and Temperature Protection
  • 9mm × 15mm × 1.82mm LGA and 9mm × 15mm × 2.42mm BGA Packages

Typical ApplicationLTM4643 – Ultrathin Quad μModule Regulator with Configurable 3A Output Array


The LTM®4643 is a quad DC/DC step-down µModule (power module) regulator with 3A per output. Outputs can be paralleled in an array for up to 12A capability. Included in the package are the switching controllers, power FETs, inductors and support components. Operating over an input voltage range of 4V to 20V or 2.375V to 20V with an external bias supply, the LTM4643 supports an output voltage range of 0.6V to 3.3V each set by a single external resistor. Its high efficiency design delivers 3A continuous output current per channel. Only bulk input and output capacitors are needed.
Fault protection features include overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature protection. The LTM4643 is offered in a 9mm ×15mm × 1.82mm LGA and 9mm × 15mm × 2.42mm BGA packages with SnPb (BGA) or RoHS compliant terminal finish.
For more detail: LTM4643 – Ultrathin Quad μModule Regulator with Configurable 3A Output Array

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