Metro Link Releases Small Footprint UPnP Device SDK in C

(PRWEB) October 13, 2001

Metro Link Releases Small Footprint UPnP Device SDK in C

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA October 11, 2001 – Metro Link, Inc. ( announced today the official release of Metro EnableWorks UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) Software Development Kits (SDKs) supporting the C and C++ programming languages on the Linux and VxWorks platforms. Metro Link’s C-based UPnP protocol stack at just 55K includes a full HTTP server, GENA, SOAP and all of the other components required for a full featured UPnP compliant protocol stack.

The Metro EnableWorks UPnP Device SDK for C™ provides developers with a complete C-based protocol stack for UPnP. Using the protocol stack and associated application programming interfaces (APIs), developers can export devices to the UPnP network, allowing them to be viewed and controlled by UPnP-enabled control points (Windows ME and XP, set-top boxes, and other user-interface devices).

“We see a tremendous need from our customers for a fully functional, small footprint UPnP solution for integration into our 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers,” said Richard Sessions, director of embedded systems for Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc. “We applaud Metro Link’s efforts and commitment to develop optimized UPnP solutions for embedded memory constrained devices and believe they are a leader with their current offering.” Mitsubishi Electric, one of the worlds leading microcontroller suppliers, is a founding member of the UPnP Forum and sits on its steering committee.

Metro EnableWorks™ simplifies the development of UPnP compatible devices by handling all aspects of device discovery, description, control, and eventing through a simple, well-documented, C object model and API.

“We are excited to offer the smallest footprint, 100% UPnP compatible, UPnP stack designed specifically with printers, routers, hubs, DSL modems, residential gateways, consumer appliances, electronics and other connected devices in mind.” Rob Lembree, Director of Automation Technologies at Metro Link.

The Metro EnableWorks SDKs support both C and C++ programming languages on any Linux or VxWorks-compliant x86 platform. Customers can have UPnP running with their device within minutes of installing the SDK.

The EnableWorks Device SDK for C is the latest SDK in a growing family of UPnP tools used specifically for the embedded market space. In fact, Metro Link’s EnableWorks Device SDK in Java™ was the first embedded UPnP product ever shipped.

Additional EnableWorks SDKs include Control Point, Gateway and Device packages in Java. These allow the development of Java or Web based control points, gateways with multiple device and protocol translation, and device support under the Java environment. With these SDKs interconnectivity between UPnP and a number of other popular device connectivity standards, including OSGi, HAVi, and VHN are easy to accomplish. Support is also included for legacy technologies like X-10 and RS232 (serial).

About Metro Link

Metro Link Inc., a software development company founded in 1989, enables consumer electronic devices to connect with appliances such as set-top boxes, Internet appliances and white goods via any TCP/IP network using its UPnP technology. Metro Link is the premier provider of UPnP device connectivity and control technology and a leader and founder in both the UPnP Forum and the CEA R7.4 standards bodies. Metro Link’s products are used by ATI (ATYT), Compaq (CPQ), Hewlett Packard (HPW), IBM (IBM), Intel (INTC), Mitsubishi Electric, Motorola (MOT), Red Hat (RHAT), Sun (SUNW), Transmeta (TMTA).


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