Naztech N321 Honored with 2012 CES Innovations Award for Excellence in Design and Engineering

Valencia, CA (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

The Naztech Dual USB 3-in-1 Charger, also known as the N321, was honored with a 2012 CES Innovation Award in the Personal Electronics category by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). From countless products and companies, a distinguished panel of independent industry experts, engineers, designers and trade media were assigned by the CEA to recognize a select few for the honors.

The Naztech N321 is a dual-USB, ultra-portable wall and car charger. With the capability of charging from an AC or DC socket and its dual-USB ports, consumers will no longer need multiple chargers serving the same function, especially considering that owning multiple wireless devices is perhaps the norm in in our current world of technology.

The N321 sports a sleek and attractive patented design, constructed of durable and lightweight material. The foldable AC prongs are inconspicuously concealed when unused, while a protective cap and stabilizer grips for the DC connector keep it safe.

However, the true appeal of the N321 stems from the engineering achievements within its beautiful shell. Using a single USB port, enjoy the full power of the N321s 2100 mAh to rapidly charge your device. Even with a 50/50 power distribution when both USB ports are used, the N321 still has enough juice to simultaneously charge any two wireless devices even two iPads at once! Built-in short circuit and overcharge protection programming prevents any unfortunate accidents to keep the users devices safe.

At Naztech, we specialize in combining all aspects of design and engineering to offer the most affordable cutting edge solutions for wireless devices to consumers, says Dennis Hernandez, Product Manager at Naztech Technologies. We are ecstatic and honored that the efforts of our entire team has been recognized by an organization as renowned as the CEA.

Extras include a free 4.9 micro-USB charging cable and a high quality felt storage pouch for ease of carrying and maximum protection against scratches.

The Naztech N321 Dual USB 3-in-1 Charger is available for $ 39.99 at and participating retailers. A white MFI N321 is set to be released soon.

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To millions of discerning consumers around the world, the Naztech name symbolizes the highest standard of quality. Naztech Technologies distinctive line of products provide the ultimate blend of form and function for consumers from all walks of life. To achieve that goal, teams of industrial designers combine advanced, patented technology, high-grade materials, precision hand-craftsmanship and innovative design, to create products that are unrivaled in the marketplace. Complete customer satisfaction is, and always will be the number one priority at Naztech.


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