New FMC Preserves Value of Legacy DSP Code for Developers

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) March 16, 2012

A new FPGA Mezzanine Card for Software Defined Radio applications has been launched by 4DSP LLC. The FMC645, based on the emerging FMC form factor and supported on Xilinx development kits, comprises a Texas Instrument TMS320C6455 digital signal processor (DSP), DRAM memory and peripherals. In addition to SDR and legacy DSP, the FMC645 is ideal for applications in video, telecom infrastructure, imaging, medical and wireless infrastructure.

With industry leading experience, 4DSP understands the value in reducing project time schedules and has worked to provide customers with a Plug and Play package. The FMC645 includes a free 4DSP Board Support Package targeting the Xilinx development kits (ML605, KC705).

Michael Brown of 4DSP commented, Many organizations are demanding ever faster and more cost effective technology in their systems while preserving significant investments made in DSP code developed over time. We expect this demand will continue to rise. The FMC645 is ideal for reusing legacy code while taking advantage of the lower cost and lower power associated with new devices.

This FMC is primarily intended to be used in applications where the FPGA and DSP act as a co-processor of one another. Embedded systems still making use of older generation DSP devices will benefit. DSP users are more opened than ever to hybrid platforms that combine FPGAs and DSPs.

Mechanically and electrically compliant to FMC standard (VITA 57.1), the FMC645 daughter card has a high-pin count connector and can be used in a conduction cooled environment. Equipped with power supply, temperature monitoring, the card also offers several power-down modes to switch off unused functions and peripheral interfaces.

The Texas Instrument TMS320C6455 DSP is clocked at 1.2GHz. Other FMC645 features include several Gigabit differential pairs, onboard 512MB DDR2 memory and 1.5V to 3.3V VADJ operation. All backed by 4DSPs expertise. For a comprehensive data sheet, visit

The programming versatility of our C6455 fixed-point DSP allows developers to combine high performance and flexibility in their applications, said Hector Rivera, multicore marketing manager, Texas Instruments. With 4DSP offering our C6455 device in a small and portable FMC form factor, designers will benefit across a large range of applications, particularly in the mission critical market.

FMC is a popular form factor. While supported on all newer Xilinx FPGA development kits it has also been adopted in embedded systems, says Raj Seelam, senior marketing manager at Xilinx. The range of FMCs from 4DSP benefits designers and helps bring to market more cost effective solutions with the highest performance levels.

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