New Version of Popular Schematic and Circuit Board Design Software Available

Kalamazoo, MI (PRWEB) February 1, 2006

New version of popular circuit board design software helps electronics engineers and technicians create PCB board designs easily and efficiently.


DipTrace is an advanced PCB design software application that comes with PCB Layout module, Schematic Capture and Component/Pattern editors to design your own component libraries. Besides being very simple to learn, which is quite an accomplishment for an engineering software application, the software has a very intuitive user interface and many innovative features that most marketed PCB Design packages lack.


For instance, a schematic can be converted to a PCB with one mouse click. The board designer can instantly renew the PCB from an updated version of schematic and keep existing placement, routed traces, board outline, mounting holes and other work. DipTrace has a high quality automatic router, superior to many routers included in other PCB layout packages. It can route a single layer (bottom side) and multilayer circuit boards, and there is an option to autoroute a single layer board with jumper wires, if required. Smart manual routing tools allow users to finalize the design and to get the results they want in a blink of an eye.


Accurate shape-based copper pour system with different possible fill types and thermals can be placed to plane or signal layer. Another important features of DipTrace are Electrical Rule Check (ERC) and Design Rule Check (DRC), which ensures schematic and board accuracy. A feature comparing a PCB to a schematic helps detect possible design mistakes and correct them before prototyping.


The program supports different output formats, like DXF, N/C drill files for the Numerically Controlled drilling machines, Gerber files that most board manufacturers use. The important feature for hobbyists is automatic creation of isolation poly lines and exporting them to DXF, DXF files can be converted to G-code with free ACE Converter tool. DipTrace also exports G-code for drilling directly to Mach2/3 software.


DXF Import feature allows you import footprints, PCB designs and their parts from AutoCAD and other CAD packages.


New version of the package includes customizable origin feature, exporting BOM to file, saving tables to Excel or text files, redesigned manual routing with hot keys, and other improvements.


DipTrace contains an impressive number of libraries with 50,000+ components.


While the least expensive software to perform similar functions is likely to cost thousands of US Dollars, the unlimited version of DipTrace is available for 595 US Dollars, DipTrace Standard (1000 pins) and DipTrace Lite (500 pins) are available for 345 USD and 145 USD, accordingly. Also, there is completely free version available for students and hobbyists with 250 pins limit.


Full-featured 30-Day trial and free version with 250 pins limit are available at


Full list of improvements:



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