NexLogic Technologies Adds New Fuji NXTII Ultra-High Accuracy Placement System

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2011

NexLogic Technologies, Inc., a complete one-stop shop for PCB design, fabrication, and assembly, today announced the addition of a new Fuji NXTII SP ultra-high accuracy placement machine on its manufacturing floor. Among its key features benefiting NexLogic’s OEM customers are high-speed, extreme placement accuracy of fine-pitch, small packaged components, advanced camera capabilities, and placement flexibility for a vast variety of products.


NexLogic is the first EMS Provider or contract manufacturer in Northern California to install this advanced Fuji NXTII SP system. The new addition augments two existing Fuji lines to further escalate placement throughput and accuracy.


Zulki Khan, President of Nexlogic Technologies, said, “The head configuration we selected for this machine performs 10,000 component placement per hour. Plus, its placement accuracy of plus/minus 10um means the NXTII SP can place fine pitch BGA/LGA devices, as well as bare die and flip-chip – and even the smallest 01005 packaged components with extreme accuracy. That high accuracy is not available in 90% of the pick and place machines in the market today. For our OEM customers, this new addition means we are dramatically increasing our throughput to efficiently service their complex PCB projects, whether they be pilot runs or small to medium production runs.”


Aside from its high-speed and extreme placement accuracy, NexLogic’s Fuji NXTII SP is fitted with a high resolution (12.0 megapixel) camera to provide the placer with lighting and image capturing capability at extremely low light levels and for small footprint applications. The camera’s lighting systems permit NexLogic manufacturing team to effectively work with extremely small PCB real estate and tight component placement tolerances at very low ambient light, but with extreme accuracy.


As for the placer’s flexibility, the Fuji NXTII SP can pick up a relatively high component with a maximum part height of 6.5 millimeters (mm) and place it with extremely high accuracy. This includes placement of SMT connectors and press-fit devices since the placer has controlled Z force axis placement capability.


NexLogic’s installation of the new Fuji NXII SP comes at a time when OEMs are demanding greater technology advances for their PCB projects. Plus, to meet system demands, IC and component manufacturers are rapidly integrating increasingly greater functionality in chips housed in smaller, more complex packaging such as microBGAs, CSPs, and QFNs. Consequently, leading edge and customer savvy contract manufacturers must maintain advanced systems like the NXTII SP to effectively support those increasing customer requirements.


About NexLogic Technologies, Inc.


NexLogic Technologies, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company and in the process for ISO 13485 certification to best serve medical electronics customers. It is a leading electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider that offers total integrated circuit board solutions. The company was established in 1995 and serves over 100 customers in North America. Nexlogic’s mission is to be the best EMS provider to the markets it serves through high quality and an efficient manufacturing process.


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