Energy Control Systems Announces Common Poor Power Quality Symptoms

Fort Worth, Texas (Vocus/PRWEB) January 18, 2011

Engineers at Energy Control Systems explain that power quality analysis is conducted to find existence of power disturbances, locate the source of power disturbances and find ways to mitigate power disturbances. The ultimate goal for power quality engineering services is to reduce power disturbance related downtime and assure energy efficiency.


The commonly used terms that measure power quality are Voltage sags, Voltage variations, Swells, Brownouts, Blackouts, Voltage imbalance, Sine Wave Distortion, Harmonics, Harmonic resonance, Inter-harmonics, Notching, Noise, Impulse, Spikes, Ground noise, Common mode noise, Electromagnetic compatibility, Dropout, Fault, Flicker, Ground, Raw power, Clean ground, Ground loops, Voltage fluctuations, Transient, Dirty power, Momentary interruption, Over voltage, Under voltage, Non-linear load, THD, Voltage dip etc.


The following symptoms are a few indicators of poor power quality:

1. Equipment fails at the same time of day.

2. Circuit breakers trip without being overloaded.

3. Equipment fails during a thunderstorm.

4. Automated systems stop or restart for no apparent reason.

5. Electronic systems fail or fail to operate on a frequent basis.

6. Electronic systems work in one location but not in another location.


Power Quality Professionals at Energy Control Systems are experienced electrical professionals trained for power quality engineering services and energy efficiency. Energy Control Systems, founded in June 1987 in by Jeff Edwards, was incorporated as ECS International Inc. in the state of Texas in September of 1988. Energy Control Systems mission is to provide cutting edge power quality solutions to our clients thereby increasing their overall profitability by decreasing overhead costs related to power quality issues. Through our commitment to provide Exceptional Customer Service by emphasizing the integrity, urgency and reliability required to conduct business in todays world, we strive to create global partnerships which help to perpetuate future business propositions.


Dustin Edwards I Director of Communications

Energy Control Systems I



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