Owl Computing Technologies Embedded Data Diodes Satisfy NERC-CIP Compliance Application Notice 0024

Ridgefield, CT (PRWEB) February 08, 2012

In NERC-CIP compliance audits, US Bulk Electric System (BES) operators, who have deployed Owl electronic perimeter defense solutions in their cyber asset installations, meet data diode non-routability requirements. Because of these successful regulatory examinations, operators continue further deployment of Owl cybersecurity solutions at electronic security perimeters throughout their BES facilities. Owl easy-to-use embedded data diodes do not employ routable communications. They are deployed to protect vital operator control systems. Their use confirms the exclusion of Cyber Assets from consideration as Critical Cyber Assets in accordance with NERC-CIP Compliance Application Notice 0024 (CAN-0024).


Owl Computing Technologies, Inc. the premier source for securing networks from cyber threats, offers embedded data diode products, based on its DualDiode

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