Prodagio Releases Prodagio AP 5SX Powered by Prodagio ISX Platform

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 8, 2011

Today, Prodagio released Prodagio ISX, a revolutionary patent pending technology and a new invoice automation product, Prodagio AP 5SX. With this unique innovation, companies can NOW fully maximize touchless transactions. AP 5SXs exclusive RoboProcessor automates all transactions including exceptions. The automation even creates suggested resolutions and captures all exceptions data. Companies can eliminate exceptions by refining its rules. The immediate result is a lower operating cost to start and lower cost and better spend management going forward.


Prodagio 5SX is our most advanced technology embedded in our proven accounts payable application, said Mara Henderson Prodagios CEO and founder. Most companies we deal with can never fulfill the full potential of their cost savings goals. They can only automate 50% of their transactions the easy PO-based ones. We are excited about this new technology because it is the only one to also automate the most expensive transaction – exceptions. They can now capture the other half of their savings.


With ISX technology underneath, Prodagio AP breaks new ground for financial transaction management and payment. Invoice automation means companies can manage exceptions at the lowest possible cost. Prodagio AP 5SX can do this with four innovative and unique technology components .

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