Electronics Recycling Alberta, donating and recycling computers in Calgary, Canada.

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) September 10, 2004

The Brick stores in Alberta and other computer and electronics retailers stop ewaste from ever reaching the landfills with an innovative solution. Computer and Electronics Retailers are being supplies with recycling bins, strictly designated for computer and electronics type waste.


This new program is being offered to the electronics retail industry, in order to comply with all applicable laws, prevent any environmental outbreaks, as well as reduce fees on current garbage disposal, most of which is ewaste.


The program has had lots of success with The Brick stores in Alberta, Memory express in Calgary, Interspots in Edmonton, and many other retail outlets in the province. Proper disposal of electronics and computer related equipment is a large concern for many residents and businesses, and this program will assist in eliminating that concern by reusing and recycling the collected equipment.


All collected equipment is sorted at Calgary’s Computer Depot and then used it various programs, some of which include donations to local charitable organizations and community institutions, as well as daycares and elderly homes.


Other equipment is send to specialist recyclers to either reuse or completely recycle all components and recover small amounts of precious metals found on some circuit boards.


For a complete list of drop off points for computers please visit the ERA website. More depots are scheduled to take part in this program as it promises an end to ewaste in our landfills.


More information is available by writing to the Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta, a non profit private group.


1301 34th Avenue SE


Calgary, Alberta


(403) 262 4488




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