QuadTech Releases New Guardian 500VA Plus

Marlborough, MA (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

QuadTech (http://www.quadtech.com) a leading provider of electrical safety testers, passive component measurement solutions, ac and dc programmable power sources and dc electronic loads, today released the new Guardian 500VA Plus. The Guardian 500VA Plus replaces the original Guardian 500VA in the hipot tester product family.

QuadTechs new 500VA Plus Hipot Analyzer is designed for applications requiring a 500VA output transformer capacity with 100mA AC output current and 200mA short circuit current. The 500VA Plus can be used for applications requiring variable hipot frequency from 50Hz to 600Hz. The analyzer has both hipot test and breakdown analysis modes, making the unit flexible for both production and R&D applications.

Robert Brown, VP of Technical Operations for QuadTech says, The Guardian 500VA Plus is ideal for testing to standards that require a 500VA output transformer, variable frequency hipot or 200mA short circuit current, such as: ASTM D149-09, IEC 60934 and IEC 60335-1″.

The Guardian 500VA Pluss R&D functions include Arc Detection Monitoring output for connection an oscilloscope and Breakdown Volt Mode. Breakdown Volt Mode is a new function that will increase the voltage in steps and dwell at each voltage step per the programmed time delay. The Guardian 500VA Plus also has the ability to measure Total and Real current.

The Guardian 500VA Plus is equipped with a new Function called High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC). HFCC is a new measurement technology for contact check. HFCC is able to be performed during the hipot test using a high frequency, around 1MHz, for improved test time on the production line.

The Guardian 500VA Plus features a large LCD screen for programming and measurement. Ground Fault Interruption and Floating Output features can also be used for operator protection. The hipot tester is equipped with an output to monitor the arc signal with an oscilloscope. The remote command set features SCPI commands for both control and measurement. This unit comes standard with RS232 and USB.

About QuadTech

QuadTech is a solutions provider of electrical safety testers, passive component measurement testers, AC and DC Power Sources, DC Electronic Loads and automation software. These testing solutions enable manufacturers in the medical device, aerospace and alternative energy industries, as well as other manufacturing industries to test the safety and quality of their electrical products while ensuring compliance to regulatory agencies. QuadTech offers a complete line of instrumentation and solutions, including: hipot testers, LCR meters, ac power sources, dc power sources, dc electronic loads, cable testers, megohmmeters, milliohmmeters, systems and software. Based in Marlborough, MA, QuadTech offers calibration and repair services, and has a worldwide network of direct sales and distributors who service and support customers around the globe. QuadTech is dedicated to doing everything in its power to assist the customer in achieving their testing objectives. QuadTech is an ISO 9001:2008-Registered company.


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